Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a program designed to increase neighborhood livability by reducing crime and the fear of crime by active citizen participation.

  • Teaches citizens techniques to reduce the risk of being victimized at home and in public
  • Trains citizens on the importance of recognizing suspicious activities and how to report them
  • Teaches participants how to make their homes more secure and properly identify their belongings
  • Allows neighbors to get to know each other and their routines so that any out of place activity can be reported and investigated
  • Neighborhood Watch is a group of concerned citizens addressing issues that concern the entire community

By organizing a Neighborhood Watch, you will:

  • Become familiar with your neighbors and activities on the block
  • Be able to recognize and report suspicious activity
  • Learn ways to make your home and yourself a “hard target”
  • Become part of a block map and telephone tree system
  • Promote a positive open relationship between your Law Enforcement community and your neighborhood


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