Finger Printing

If you are in need of Live Scan finger prints, our Corrections staff are available 24/7 to do these at the Jail.

302 N Delia St. Ludington, MI 49431.

You will first need to stop at the Treasurer’s Office at the Mason County Courthouse to pay a fee. Prices vary.

The Treasurer’s office will need the form from the employer that shows which code is to be ran for the fingerprints.

The following is accepted for payment: Cash, check & credit/debit card. (There is a 3% or $2 fee to use a card)

Once paid for the Treasurers Office will provide a signed receipt that then is to be brought to the Sheriff’s office with the form and valid proof of ID.

If you are in need of Ink finger prints you can stop in the office anytime, Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM to get them done. The print cards are free. Please bring ID with you.