The Mason County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Division was founded in 1985 by Sheriff D. Robert Englebrecht. The members of the unit are volunteers deputized by the Sheriff to assist in search and rescue operations. They also provide security for many public events such as the Fourth of July Celebration, the Annual Gus Macker Tournament, the Western Michigan Fair and the Harvest Festival Celebration.

All of the volunteers of the Mounted Division own and maintain their horses. Both horse and rider are trained and tested annually in the latest Search and Rescue Procedures.   The members of the unit are also trained and certified in first aid and CPR.  Another program promoted by the Mounted Division in the elementary schools is the “Stay Put Toots!” program. This program was developed to teach children how to prevent getting lost in the woods, and also what to do in the event that they are lost in the woods.

The MCSO Mounted Division is comprised of citizens from Mason County who represent all walks of life.  From business owners to blue collar workers and college age students, to retired school teachers this group has made a commitment to serve the citizens of this great county with pride, tradition and honor.

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