Inmate Info

Mail - Phone - Medical & Mental Health - Billing - Commissary


All incoming mail must be on white postcard, up to size 5×7, and addressed to:

Name of Inmate
306 North Delia St.
Ludington MI 49431

Mail could be delayed if above address is not used.
Notes and cards not sent via US Postal Service are not considered mail and will not be accepted.

Items allowed to be received via mail:

  • Money orders
  • Post cards (white & no larger than 5×7)
  • Magazines – direct from the publication.
  • Soft covered books – direct from the distributor.



Telephones are available in every housing unit in the jail. All calls made from the inmate telephone system are outgoing collect service only and may be monitored and/or recorded at any time.

In-House Programs

  • Educational and Substance Abuse Counseling is available for inmates of appropriate classifications
  • Medical and Mental Health Services
  • Health services (inmates may request by submitting a request form)

Jail staff will handle emergencies in accordance with department policy.

If medical care or treatment is required during an inmate’s confinement, Michigan law allows the county to seek reimbursement for the cost of medical services. Monies may be drawn out of an inmate’s account at the time of service, or attached to their Room/Board billing. Nurses’ visits are $35.00 per visit. The cost of prescriptions are the actual costs. Any outside medical services are billed at cost.

Room and Board Billing

All sentenced inmates will be billed $35.00 a day room and board.

The final bill is due within 30 days after an inmate’s release. If paid within 30 days, or a payment schedule is agreed upon, there will be a reduction taken.

If a bill is not paid, it will be referred to the collections agency for collection.

Inmate Commissary

Each inmate has a commissary account that acts like a bank account while he/she is in jail. Personal items, snacks, stamps, paper and other small items can be ordered using the commissary account.

Services that the inmate must pay for can be paid for using the commissary account.

Money may be deposited to an inmate’s account by the people on their approved visitor list only. Money deposits can be made only during visiting times and/or through the US Postal Service.